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Find out what my clients are saying about me!

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  • 5 Great Additions for Your Fall Garden

    Here are five of the best plants to introduce to your garden this fall.


    They can thrive long after summer is over and will add the perfect fall colors outside your home.


    These heart-shaped annuals are an ideal way to re-energize your exterior practically any time of year.


    The best time to plant bulbs is six to eight weeks before the first frost of autumn.

    Cold-Season Vegetables

    Hearty vegetables like broccoli, brussels sprouts and beets can survive even after the frost arrives.

    Trees and Shrubs

    September and October are usually considered the best time of year to plant trees. Now is the time to add lush vegetation to your property.

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

  • Retro Colors Make a Comeback: What's Hot in Decor Right Now

    Everything old is new again, and that goes for decorating with color. While the last decade in home dcor has largely been defined by white and varying shades of beige and gray, todays designers are harking back to yesteryear with paint colors, furniture and even kitchen appliances.

    Part art deco, part 50s suburban and part 60s mod, these awesome retro colors are fresh and refreshed to fit todays tastes, say the color mavens at Sherwin Williams, whose wall color faves this year include shades of pink, aqua and pale or mustard yellows with accents of slate or peppery coral"great ways to set off the stark white of baseboards, crown moldings and door frames.

    Big Chill, a retro appliance company launched in 2001, is finding huge success with its growing line of refrigerators, stoves and dishwashers in pink, aqua, yellow and more that bring a spirit of nostalgia to todays kitchens, along with their high-tech efficiency.

    Small kitchen appliances from crockpots to mixers and toasters are now available in a wide range of bold and retro colors, and look for pink velvet, pale blue and teal sofas from a variety of furniture design companies as vintage furnishings make a huge comeback.

    You might also find bright orange and sage green shantung side chairs, shabby-chic and pastel-colored buffets and bookshelves and other accessories, and dont miss the lighting display in most home stores, where Tiffany lamps and vintage shades are gaining ground in sales.

    A roomful of these vintage colors can make you feel a little nostalgic, a little happier and a little more optimistic. What more could anyone ask for?

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

  • Bye-Bye, Ants!

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

  • 3 Tips to Improve Your Listening Skills

    Are you having trouble communicating with your partner, friends or colleagues? Do you forget what your friend just told you only minutes after the conversation ended? In a world geared toward multitasking, it can be hard to drop fully into a conversation and just listen. Below are three tips to help you be more present in your conversations.

    Ask questions. Don’t just smile and nod. Make your conversation partner feel more heard by asking questions that are relative to what they’re saying. Ask for more details to dig deeper and listen fully.

    Repeat what you heard. Every few minutes, repeat what you heard so you know you’re retaining important information. This will also help you avoid accidental miscommunications.

    Wait to offer a solution. When we’re listening to a friend with a problem, our go-to response is often to fill silence with a solution, but sometimes, we just need to feel heard and understand. You can even ask your friend if they’re looking for a solution or just space to vent.

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

  • 5 Laundry Tips to Save on Energy Costs

    Laundry machines use a lot of energy.

    To save on power costs, consider the following when doing laundry:

    1. Use cold water to cut a loads energy use by more than half. Cold-water detergents can help ensure clothes get clean.
    2. Your washer will use about the same amount of energy no matter the load size, so fill it up.
    3. Use lower heat settings to save energy, even though the drying cycle is longer.
    4. Clean the lint filter often so the dryer runs more efficiently and safely.
    5. When possible, hang laundry outside or on a drying rack to avoid using the dryer altogether.

    Laundry can be a big chore, so let lower energy bills help ease the burden.

    Published with permission from RISMedia.

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